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Station Pictures


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ICE 348 for rotator control lines 

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ice.jpg (39969 bytes) 


Xmatch Tuner

xmatch.jpg (60865 bytes)

xmatch1.jpg (53116 bytes)



Ratpack coax switch.   

  ratpack.jpg (29867 bytes) 

Located outside the shack.  Only 1 coax line coming in. 




k2pix3.jpg (56908 bytes)

Elecraft K2    

k2pix1.jpg (104102 bytes)

Under construction 

k2pix2.jpg (347731 bytes)

Operating from Karen's cabin in North Carolina

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   Prometheus DX2400

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Alpha 4040 antenna tuner

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   Begali Sculpture - Stainless   (with custom finger pieces from signature model))


New Begalie Sculpture Arrow straight key


     T.R.McELROY STREAM KEY used by my father W4ZKW

  Western Electric AT & T used by my father W4ZKW

 Speed-X from my Novice days in the 60s 

   peetwxstn.gif (85134 bytes)unimount.gif (46366 bytes)

   Weather station -peet 100 - weather picture display