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Left -- PGXL amp  TGXL tuner

Center Back -- Flex 6600 and Bandmastyer 5

Center Front  -- Two FlexControls, Begali keys,

Right -- Yaesu G-2800DXA rotor controls.


Begali Arrow, Mono, & Sculpture keys...


Flex6600 & PGXL & TGXL


Flex 6600 ordered on:  Oct 11, 2022          Received on: Oct 30, 2022

Flex TGXL ordered on:  Oct 6, 2022         Received on: Oct 11, 2022

Flex PGXL ordered on:  Oct 7, 2022         Received on: Oct 11, 2022, Nov 10, 2022




Station equipment  overview   --  File: Flex Radio / Flex 6600 Station Diagram V1.jpg


Ethernet and Fiber link for the 6600, PGXL and TGXL


The Ethernet port on the Flex Radio  is a potential weak point for lightning surges.  For protection I added a fiber link to electrically isolate the port. 


The problem is long runs of CAT5 cable act link an antenna and a close by lightning strike will induce a voltage spike in the cable.  The solution is to isolate the devices you want to protect with a short fiber link near the device.  In addition a close by lightning strike can induce spikes into any of the wiring systems (phone, power, cable TV coax, etc) in your house which can jump to your ethernet CAT5 cable. 


The install was plug and play and took about 5 minutes.  The cost was about $150.   Replacing an ethernet interface card in a PC is easy, if the ethernet interface card in your radio is damaged, it will require a trip back to Texas for repairs.




Quick Links  -- Some of these links are to my older 6700 page but are still relevant.

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CW Skimmer and SDR-Bridge Setup and Troubleshooting notes     Data/NN4ZZ SDR-Bridge V3 & CwSkimmer V2  SETUP  1-Nov-2022.pdf  

NEW Version 3 SDR-Bridge and Version 3.x of Flex SSDR  (older version can be found on the 6700 page)  

Setup for 2 Flex Control knob - NEW on 6600 page


Click here or on the image below to join the FlexRadioSmartSDR Groups.IO forum



Ratpack Bandmaster V Antenna selector

The Bandmaster 5 is connected to the Flex 6600 via USB to get band data. 

The Bandmaster then connects the RatPack relays for 80-10 meter antennas.






Antennas and Towers

Click the PICTURE to go to my Antenna and Towers page



CrankupTiltoverTowers -- A forum on dedicated to crankup and tiltover towers.  You may be interested in joining. Click here to vist the forum

Click to join CrankupTiltoverTowers



FlexControl setup to use 2 knobs with SSDR

There are several ways to setup the software to use 2 (or more) Controls.  Since I always have SDR-Bridge running I use it to control one knob and SSDR to control the other one. 


- To start verify that Windows device Manager shows 2 FlexControls


- Start up SSDR and it will grab one of the FlexControls
- Configure it for the functions you want,  I have mine set to control the CW Speed, Slice Volume, and Tuning for the active slice.  You could have another function for the Knob press, but I just have it also set for the Slice volume.



- Now start up SDR-Bridge and configure as below, it will then find and grab the other FlexControl knob. 

- Note the message that says ďflex knobs found 1, then attached 1.Ē 


I put some Dymo stickers on the FlexControl to remind me of the settings.

I leave the PC up 24x7 and also leave the SDR-Bridge program running on my PC 24x7.  I do shut down SSDR when the radio is not in use.  The setup sticks and I donít have to go back and do anything when I start up SSDR.  The FlexControl knobs stay properly configured.  If you shut down your PC regularly,  The only thing you have to do is start SSDR first to let it grab itís knob and then start SDR-Bridge to grab the other one. 



Astron Power Supply




The power supply is adjusted to provide 15V - within the range specificed by Flex

The steps to adjust the Astron RS-35M supply voltage are in this document by W1MIK.




Here is a good utility to monitor the voltage on the Flex Radio


The Voltage and Temp display ( the Green box shown above) can be dragged to reside on  the SSDR app.


SDRMonitor is available here:



For more information about my LOW Voltage lockup issue and solution,

 see this link on my 6700 page:

Low Voltage Lockup issue and solution from 6700 page