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TIPs to install a PRO67 

The Mosley PRO67B and 67C have two driven elements connected by phasing tubes.  Here are some tips for installing and leveling the elements if you are building the antenna on the TiltPlate.  There are also pictures and tips for installing the phasing tubes.  


Building the antenna on the TiltPlate and some leveling tips.

Adjusting and Installing the phasing tubes.


Diagrams for making or bending the phasing tubes.






NOTE: The diagram below shows coax taps for both the 67B and 67C.  On the 67B taps are shown from either end although you only need one hole.  



This pictures shows 3 sets of tubes for various plate locations.  The top 2 sets are for the offset mount.  The bottom set is for a center mount.  

24 inches of split tube insulation may be used if desired on the inside phasing tube



Tool and Supplies


Mosley recommends using 0.058 wall tubing which can be purchased from DX Engineering.


A tube bending tool is require, here is one example...


Split flex tubing can be used if desired.  Home Depot, Amazon, etc carry  it.




WF4W Installation

The  pictures below are from  the tower and Mosley PRO67 project by Tad / WF4W.    Tad is local in the Atlanta area and invited me to take the pictures so I could share with other Mosley Pro 67 users.   Tad used the supplied phasing tubes and rebent them to fit.   Note, the 67C coax tap is in the center of the phasing tubes.