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Custom mounting adapter for 80 MM Square Boom


The 80 MM square boom adapter is suitable for OptiBeam antennas such as the OB 16-3, OB12-6, OB 4030, OB2-40,or OB 15-7. 

There is a $71 additonal charge for this adapter with credit given for the normal u-bolts that are not needed.    The custom bolts alone are $20.33 each.    If the adapter parts are ordered later the charge is $131 plus shipping.  

 The adapter consists of (4) custom 1/4 - 20 stainless square bolts,  an aluminum channel, and stainless steel nuts and shim washers.  The custom bolts are slightly larger in diameter than the Optibeam metric bolts.   This adapter can be used on both the STANDARD and MONSTER model TiltPlates.  See notes below.

17 1/2 inch long channel and new custom bolt on the left.  Original Optibeam bolt on right for comparison. 


Once assembled to the moveable TiltPlate, no further boom leveling is required.  Suggested assembly is to mount the channel to the boom before installing to the moveable plate. 

The BOLT / NUT spacing is slightly different between the STANDARD and MONSTER TiltPlates ... See diagrams below


STANARD model TiltPlate



MONSTER model TiltPlate



The PICTURES below show the setup for the STANDARD model TiltPlate





Bevel shims to square up the nuts with the moveable plate.


End view showing the boom square to the vertical plate.  (No additional leveling is required)


The PICTURES below show the setup for the MONSTER  model TiltPlate