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SteppIR Stuff -- SteppIR 4 el Yagi      

Steppir Specs


  Steppir Surge Protection

  • The 4 el Steppir uses 16 control lines & db25 connectors
  • I installed a surge protector at the tower base using a Patton 503S.  See warning below.
  • Also installed ICE 348 surge protection in the shack

ma850towercables1.JPG (149321 bytes)

  • WARNING - You must clip the wire to PIN 1 in the 503S since this is grounded as noted in the manual. 
  • Pin 1 is a signal wire for the steppir and failure to clip pin 1 will likely result in a controller chip failure.


Modification step 1) remove 2 screws









Modification step 2) open case










Modification step 3) cut wire


Modification step 4) snap case together then replace 2 screws


Modification step 5) Test for NO continuity between pin 1 and case with ohm meter.





ICE 348 surge protection in the shack  (Steppir control wires at top and use top 2 ICE 348 modules)


Steppir Yagi - Element Boots

  • How long will they last? Some users have reported the rubber is cracking and allowing water to seep in.  In the worst case,  the elements may  fall off in heavy wind.  These occurrences appear to be linked to the "Mission" brand boots.
  • Fluid Motion has been using a new boot by Fernco lately.   Indications are that this is a good quality boot and does not have the deterioration problem.
  • The boots on my antenna are by Indiana Seal.  In addition to the markings in the picture below, the Indiana boots say "See Boca Research No. 86-14"
  • My 4el has been up since June of 2004 so I ordered a set in December 2007 just in case.   (provided at no charge, FM really stands behind it's products and has excellent customer service)
  • I replaced one boot so I could get a better look and evaluate the condition.  It was still in very good shape so I left the rest alone.  It's easy for me to drop the antenna so I'll check again in a year or so.  Its a good idea to re-tighten the clamps every year or so anyway.



Modification to the Boom Truss on the 4 Element Steppir


From the Steppir Yahoo forum.  Date: 7-Nov-2004, Re:  based on misc posts (e.g 3212, 3213, 3226, 3234, 4047)

 The problem

(#3212 Al)I noticed the thimbles on the boom truss (the 2 attached to the boom) had flipped a little and the phillytran was cut about 1/3 of the way thru on one. The other one didn't appear to be as damaged but had slipped/stretched a bit and almost coming out of the second cable clamp. I was able to make due for now with the extra cable. The clamps are installed per the manual but maybe I need to get the first clamp a little closer to the thimble, it was about 1/4 inch
away. The manual says "as close as possible." The clamps were originally very tight and the phillystran was dented in from them but on inspection they could be tightened a little more now. It looked like the phillystran covering had actually stretched a bit. (not the internal cable just the covering)

(#3213 Dean)I just received my 4el last week. Looking at the assembly manual I noticed that every picture of the cable clamps showed them being installed upside down. The saddle of the clamp should never go on the cut or 'dead end'. The way to remember is 'Never saddle a dead horse'.


The Fix

 Use 4 clamps per termination; install them with the saddle on the live side.



  Endorsement  by Steppir

(#3234 Mike)We sure appreciate the research and help on getting the Phillystran terminations correct. Effective immediately we will supply enough clamps to put 4 per termination and also change our manual to reflect the correct way to do it. Anyone needing additional clamps please send an e-mail and we will get them to you free of charge. Our apologies for not getting it right the first time.

Mike Mertel President SteppIR Antennas

Recommendations from Phillystran.

1) Proper termination for the 1200I material when using cable clamps requires 4 clamps. Ken Knight (rep at Phillystran) said 2 are not adequate and may result in stretching and slippage.

2) The clamps must be installed correctly (see discussion re: saddle a dead horse)

3) The clamps should be tightened to 10 foot pound. This will cause substantial depression of the cable sheath but is not a problem.

4) The clamps should be of the "drop forged" type, not the mallable type. The malleable type may break at 10 foot pounds. (I'm not sure which type comes with the antenna)

5) The description of the termination kit shown on the Texas Tower web site is accurate and follows the Phillystran recommendation per Ken.

See at: