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Super Bright Safety Light


Red / Yellow Super Bright flashing LEDs (designed for police dash). 

 It's very bright and really gets a drivers attention.  Drivers will appreciate your effort to be seen and give you room.

It's not heavy - a single battery and LED light weighs LESS than a water bottle.  

It's not cheap - but it's less than a  trip to the emergency room.

It's legal - Red and Yellow is approved for this use in most states


Do you want one?

The first one we built in 2009 cost about $150 for the parts.   Componant prices are up and I switched to a Li-Ion battery. They are very light, small, and last longer than the SLA (sealed lead acid) type I started out using.  The Li-Ion battery is also brighter since it provides 14.8 volts insead of 12 volts that the SLA batteries provide.  But the Li-Ion batteries are more expensive.  Here is the breakdown:

LED flashing strobe $120 to $150 depending on color

Li-Ion battery $35 to $60 depending on size

Li-Ion charger $25

Misc connectors $2

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Here is a picture with the original Lead Acid battery.   I had to carry this case that included 2 batteries.  It weighed about 24 ounces.  The Li-Ion battery is 1/4 the weight and one battery lasts just as long.


Here is the Li-Ion battery


The Li-Ion battery is stored in the zippered seatback carrier.  It is small, light and lasts all day.

A single 2,200 mah battery is all that is needed for about 7 hours use.  It is also BRIGHTER than the 12V SLA batteries.  Note: the red and black connectors in the picture don't come with the battery or light, They are "powerpole" connectors I have and use for various applications, you can use them or others to complete the setup. 


Note:  the batteries are also available in even higher capacities. 

2,200 mah will last about 7 hours

2,600 mah will last about 8 hours

4,600 will last even longer (haven't tried one of those but guess about 15 hours)

Another place to get the batteries and charger -->


The light  can be seen about 1 mile away in dark,  1/2 mile in daylight

The movie doesn't do it justice, it is really bright even in the day.


Click for Movie

5 seconds of flashing lights!