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Here are some pictures from BRAG 2010

in random order...

RV this year

Segway tour in Columbus on the Chattahoochee River



Mandatory afternoon nap....



Cal cooked spaghetti one nite...



Fire truck provided relief from the heat.

No rain this year, temps in the 90s



One of many artworks in downtown Columbus


Wanda, one of our RV neighbors


On the river...


Great food....


Lida's retirement gift from her brother got a good workout


Early start for the long day (67 mi)


Canopy was great...


Not sure who they are looking at....





Fayettville campsite for RVs...




Beautiful new building on the square in Newnan



Lida may take up quilting...





Lots of tandems, recumbents, and 2 recumbent tandems



Master suite....


Cal did ALL the driving....great job


Camp food in LaGrange was great


Cal bunked over the cab...


Band in several cities....




Trike races for those with any energy left.


Cal taking the Segway over the water hazard.


Our tour group of 8.


Are there any fish in the Chattahoochee?


They caught at least 10 while we were out riding


Several pictures from the very impressive Infantry

Museum at Fort Benning / Columbus



Replica of the Vietnam memorial


Entrance to the museum, we spent 90 minutes

and only saw 1/4 of it.

On the River Walk...




Police kept a close watch on our camp


Eddie the massage guy has been BRAGing for 16 years



Bands in the square.



A cold drink on the go....yes the blender really works!





Lida tried a Trek motor assisted bike..





Segway training.




Bike vendors, in case you need parts or repairs


The shower left, women right.


We brought our own, but brewed fresh dailiy if you need it


Tents everwhere....




Eddie on the left and team of 5 massage therapists...keep us in shape.


Indoor camping is also popular



Typical rest stop...every 10-15 miles



Balloon man....lots of vendors in the towns






Barnesville rest stop.




shuttle buses to town






Lake Harding Rest Stop


Tandem Recumbent bike...


Trikes and handcycles too!



At the start in Fayetteville