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Here are a few pictures  from BRAG 2008. 

We stayed with Bubba's Pampered Pedalers (his team of college students takes care of setting up the tents, moving luggage, what ever you need)

Noah's Arc Bubba's tent city

Jannah's Cafe in Griffin -- great dinner in town

Peter is writing a book on his life with Cerebral Palsey Bubba


The GeoCache gang Relaxing in the Bubba tent after a ride


Looking for hidden treasure - GeoCache  A fresh towel every day!


Al on his Lightning Cycle Dynamics P38   Our Bubba Dome for the week


Volunteers and Principal in Hazlehurst really did a great job  Al & Lida in front Cal's tent (he brings his own)


Bubba's supply trailer  Our new friend from Rex GA (originally from Arecibo Puerto Rico)


Al & Lida in front of Cal's tent  Raul's first BRAG


Cal on his RANs recumbent  Sometimes there are lines!


Chuck - Cal's friend from Habitat for Humanity on the ride  Looking for your luggage (if you use the BRAG trucks)


Band in Downtowm Griffin  Bikes everywhere


Recumbent Rider  Laundry drying in the GA sun


Lida at Noah's Ark rest stop  Some folks sleep in the gym


Bubba -- leader of the pampering gang  We stayed at a beautiful high school in Jessup


Band in Dowtown Griffin  Melissa camping in the hallway...deluxe spot with electricity.


The Lemonade Guys  Have to charge up the cell phones!


Our new friend Raul from Rex, GA (originally from Aricebo Puerto Rico)  RVs and Campers are fine too...



Rest Stops every 15 miles or so....we ride about 60 miles a day.

  A great rest stop at Noah's Ark



Hanging out the laundry  Lida coming in for some refreshment


Cell phones are standard equipment these days...charging where you can. 

Wash Your Hands!"  ....don't  even think about coming near the table until you  do.


Team Road Kill --- requlars on BRAG for many years now

Really great fruit, cookies and PB&J


Raul's trike  The Lemonade Guys (making money for another bike trip)



New and Old friends

  Trying out a ride on a tandem bike (Dream Team)


Bubba's tent city  Byron (used to work for Digital Equipment) back again for another BRAG



Some sleep in the gym  Al cruisin in



Entertainment at Jessup....really nice stop  Cal and Peter


Enjoying the music  Peter is writing a book on his experiences with Cerebral Palsy


Peter and Cal  Entertainment in Griffin GA




Melissa camping in the hallway  The GeoCache guys (father and sons)


High School for camp in Jessup   The band in Griffin



Bubba's shady spot for relaxing after the days ride  

A great cafe (Jannah's) in Griffin for dinner.  We usually eat at camp but decided to go into town tonite


Bikes everywhere you go.....

Hazlehurst GA - The Jeff Davis High School Principal (2008 T-shirt) and some volunteers.   They really did a fabulous job providing food, entertainment and a great place to stay


Spanish moss is everywhere in South Georgia

Jessup GA - Another evening of 60's and 70's music by a local band



Lida at St Simons  Enjoying the entertainment



Anyone can do it....  Team Road Kill, a regular group on BRAG




The LIGHT at St Simons  A GeoCache treasure was hidden on the caboose in Jessup


Lida enjoying the waterfront  Cal's friend Chuck from Habitat for Humanity on the ride



Bubba folding towels - a clean dry towel is really appreciated  Cal on his psycho lime RANs


Looking for luggage -- if you use the BRAG luggage truck  Getting ready to head out for another ride



Lines for everything  Lida refilling the humming bird feeder at the High School garden


End of the road --- party time in St Simons

BBQ at St Simons "end of the road" party.  Melissa's gang  End of the road in St Simons (the GeoCache boys)

Fresh fruit and cookies, and PB&J are the staples  St Simons Light


  Lida relaxing on the waterfront


The GeoCache guys  Melissa in Brunswick


End of the  road  Spanish Moss is everywhere


Melissa near Brunswick  On the waterfront


Byron back again this year (used to work for Digital Equipment)  End of the road party --- can't wait until next year