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Here are a few ( we have hundreds) of random shots from our adventures on BRAG 2007. 

Cal & Al on Recumbents getting ready to ride!


Lida on her Cannondale at a rainy rest stop


South Georgia College -- lots of places to pitch a tent


Decorated for flag day ride.


Kids with a lemonade stand along the way



Flag day - a trike ready to set sail -- you can surely see this one coming


At the Elvis show for us on Friday


Stacked 2 & 3 deep


A nice shady spot


The triple was back again this year (a strong dad and 2 kids)


Coming in at the stadium in Savannah



Where is everyone?   Must be dinner time


A dog and his bike --- what a life



The motor.....


The afternoon nap (a required activity)



Bubba village (he puts them up, takes them down, blows up the air matress)


Under the bubba tent (drinks, snacks, and thinking about tomorrows ride)


Bubba village (the blue tents, we had a bubba-dome with the queen size airmatress)



Rest stop and museum in Fitzgerald, GA (interesting story and worth a stop)


Lots of good indoor camping options (cool AC)



A rainy drizzle but actually not bad (glad bubba is dealing with the wet tent!)


Cal explaining the technical aspects of his storage system



BRAG luggage system --  fewer lost bags than Delta.

Find your bag and hope its not raining.


A shady spot -- no worries


Rest stop entertainment -- they were really good, we stayed a while


So If everyone else jumped in the lake would you do it to? 

I guess you would!


Perfect for drying your laundry and hitching up your bike for the nite


A beach party in Douglas


Lida tries Cal's recumbent -- another sale for RANs is imminent


Al cruising along....where did I put the remote?



Dream team riders -- some nice kids we met that earn their bikes if they complete the ride. 


who needs tent pegs...